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Podcast, Youtube channel, and blog to focus on conversations about creativity and the creator economy.

Cirencester, United Kingdom, March 2022

There’s a new economy emerging, and it’s built on creativity. This new economy is being driven by a new breed of creators who are leveraging the power of the internet to share their work with the world. All Creatives Now is a new podcast and website aimed at examining this brave new world is coming from Hollow Stone Press, looking at the growth in the creator economy, and facilitating conversations amongst creatives about what it is to be a creator in the modern world.

The All Creatives Now podcast will be hosted by authors Paul Stephenson and Kev Harrison, and will feature interviews with creatives from a range of disciplines, from designers to musicians, from stand-ups to illustrators, as well as guest contributors from the companies bringing a range of new tools to help creatives reach their potential. The website will also feature blog posts and video interviews with guest writers discussing a range of topics related to creativity and the creator economy, as well as resources for creatives of all levels. Both the podcast and website will focus on conversations about creativity and the creator economy, as well as highlighting best practices and case studies from creatives around the world.

All Creatives Now will help the modern creative navigate this brave new world, and have honest conversations about the issues faced by modern creatives. From keeping your integrity when dealing with corporate monoliths, finding fans when the algorithms don’t want you to, to dealing with the ever changing landscape of creative tools, All Creatives Now is intended to be a one-stop shop for creatives.

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Paul Stephenson writes pulp fiction for the digital age. He is the creator and narrator of Bleakwood, a horror podcast, and his first novel series – the apocalyptic Blood on the Motorway trilogy – has been an Amazon bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. His work has been featured on the chart-topping horror podcast, The Other Stories, and his new ebook serial, The Sunset Chronicles, is a dystopian sci-fi thriller that will delight and terrify fans of science fiction and horror alike. He lives in England with his wife, two children, and one hellhound.

Kev Harrison is a writer of dark fiction and English language teacher from the UK, living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. His nomadic lifestyle has previously taken him to various cities in the United Kingdom, as well as to Turkey and Poland. He has an unquenchable thirst for travel and is passionate about food, photography, and music, as well as fiction. He is a staff writer for This is Horror and has had short fiction published in a variety of magazines, anthologies and podcasts. His two novellas, Below and The Balance, have garnered great reviews, as has his short fiction collection, Paths Best Left Untrodden.

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