who we are

About Hollow Stone Press

Hollow Stone Press is an independently minded indie publisher focused on modern genre fiction, providing pulp fiction for the digital age.

Formed in 2020 by bestselling British horror author Paul Stephenson, our aim is to develop a stable of artists and storytellers with conviction and with great stories to tell.

A good publisher should be a community. We look to the independent music publishers like Hydra Head, Sub Pop, and Church Records every bit as much as we look to the likes of Hawk & Cleaver and Grindhouse Press for inspiration. We believe that the true strength of a publisher is in raising the profiles of all its authors, of helping each other to reach readers, and to stay as energetically focused on our art as possible. As such we will only ever put out work that pushes us forward, inspires us, and that we believe we can get behind.

Our mission

Our tagline is ‘Pulp Fiction for a digital world’. We believe that genre fiction is a mirror to the world, and serves as both a warning about the paths we take, and a guiding light to the world we’d like to become. Our aim is to tell stories that move the needle, even if it’s only in one person. If you can change one person, you can change the world.

We are also huge believers in the power of community. One artist can achieve a great deal on their own, but together a group of artists with common interests can bend the world to meet them, and do so without compromise. We want to build a community of creatives who can help to build each other to be better creatives, and to reach more readers.

Our primary fiction interest is in Horror and Science Fiction, but like the greats of those two genres, we’re always looking to blur the boundaries. We will also aim to publish a range of non-fiction titles that fit our ethos.


Our promise to readers is simple – we’ll always try to ensure that everything we publish meets your high standards. Well written, professionally published, and will look cracking on a bookshelf, whether that’s digital or physical. You might not like every single thing we put out, but that’s okay. If you don’t like the next one, you’re bound to like the one after.

We cherish our readers, and see you as every bit a part of the Hollow Stone community as our authors. That’s why, if you join our community, you’ll get exclusive access to our books, behind-the-scenes access to our publishing empire, and bonus content not available anywhere else. In fact, why not join today and get seven exclusive short stories by our founder, bestselling British horror author Paul Stephenson?

Author Services

Indie publishing is a tricky business. There are so many elements you need to have fully under control. Cover design. Editing. Website. Branding. Mailing list. That’s before you even begin to start learning how to market your book.

Sure, you don’t want a publisher, but you also don’t want to have to do everything by yourself, either. If only there was another way…

Well, good news! You can have all the services Hollow Stone offers its authors, from cover design to book editing, to web design, to branding. We can offer a competitively priced offering designed to suit your needs, be it a full  package, or just a small part of the publishing puzzle.