Last Light launches epic new pulp sci-fi series, The Sunset Chronicles

Hollow Stone Press sends into orbit the first book in digital-only  monthly serial that blends horror and science fiction, from the author of the bestselling Blood on the Motorway series.

British-based independent publisher Hollow Stone Press is pleased to announce its first flagship publication, the epic Sunset Chronicles, by British author Paul Stephenson. The Sunset Chronicles is a dystopian sci-fi thriller that will delight and terrify fans of science fiction and horror alike. It’s an epic tale that will spread over nine full seasons, with five monthly instalments per series, totalling over a million words once completed.

The first book of Season One, Last Light, is available for free download now at all major online retailers.

Author Paul Stephenson says: “My love for sci fi is rooted in seeing Alien and Aliens at an impressionable age, and I wanted to echo the same creeping dread that I felt watching Ripley going through those tunnels with a motion sensor all those years ago.

“But while this saga started with a trip to an ice moon in our own solar system, I soon realised there was a whole world around the Minos mission that was itching to be told. It’s a global saga of struggle against oppression, about fighting back against those who control our world in the interest of profit to the exclusion of all else. Taking in everything from the crumbling ruins of Europe to an ice moon around Jupiter, all tied together under an overarching plot of corporate power and greed. I can’t wait for readers to find out what’s in store for Wyn, Judd, and Lois, and the rest of the cast of characters.”

About the author

Paul Stephenson writes pulp fiction for the digital age. His first series – the apocalyptic Blood on the Motorway trilogy – has been an Amazon bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, and his work has been featured on the chart-topping horror podcast, The Other Stories. He lives in England with his wife, two children, and one hellhound.

About Last Light

The year is 2107. Earth is dying. For Wyn, Lois, and Judd, that’s the least of their problems. They might not know it, but each holds a key to Earth’s cure… and humanity’s survival.
If you like pulse-quickening action, blood-soaked science fiction, revelations, and revolutions, you’ll love this first episode in Paul Stephenson’s Sunset Chronicles, the new monthly sci-fi/horror serial.