Hollow Stone Press launches new digital design studio – Hollow Stone Services.

Whether you’re looking for a new book cover, a fresh lick of paint for your website, a sweet sweet interior for your print book, or video trailers for your next bestseller, Hollow Stone Services has you covered. Formed in 2021, Hollow Stone Press is an independently minded indie publisher focused on modern genre fiction, providing pulp fiction for the digital age.

Formed by bestselling British horror author Paul Stephenson, our aim is to develop a stable of artists and storytellers with conviction and with great stories to tell. To that end, we’ve been developing a stable of podcasts, digital storytelling, and good old fashioned pulp products.

Now, as well as our work as publisher, we also offer author services for authors at all stages of their journey, packaged or individually available. Hollow Stone Press owner Paul Stephenson said of the new design studio: “Whether it’s cover design, marketing materials, website design, author branding, or an author audit, we can work with you to take your publishing career to the next level. Looking for covers? Check out our range of design services, including our pre-made cover designs.”

Here’s some of what you can expect to find at Hollow Stone Services:

Cover Design

Gorgeous covers designed to delight both you and your ideal reader. A package to suit you, including print-on-demand wraparounds and audiobook covers.

Bespoke Cover Design

Whoever said never judge a book by its cover has clearly never shopped the Kindle Store. Don’t let your readers be put off by a bang average cover.

We will work with you to provide a full service package for your next book that will include branding that goes way beyond the book. Check out our price list and get in contact to discuss in more detail. 

We only offer two full design packages per month, so make sure you schedule your design in advance.

Premade Covers

If you don’t fancy going down the full-design route, check out our range of pre-made covers for the more budget conscious author. Various packages available, so you don’t miss out on the full Hollow Stone experience.

Beyond the book

Because we know you’ll need more than just a cover, we’ll provide you with a package of additional image assets that will include: Social sharing images, ad images for Facebook and Bookbub ads, and branded header images for your socials. Available separately or included in the full design package.

Cover Extras

Sure, an ebook cover is nice and all, but you’ve bought a bunch of ISBN’s and they’re burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t fear, we can provide individualised wraparound covers for use on D2D print, Amazon, and Ingram. We’ll also provide an audiobook cover that’s not just a squashed monstrosity.

Check out our full cover design packages.

Website Design

Gone are the days when an author site was a couple of year-old blog posts and links to an in-store event from 2017. Now you can harness the power of your site to capture readers, create facebook audiences to target them more effectively, present a more unified brand, and even sell your books direct, cutting out those pesky middlemen. Middlemen, eh? What have they ever done for us poor authors?

We can provide a website design that works for your author business to help you reach readers, and wow them when you do.

All our designs are Divi-based WordPress designs, full responsive and mobile-friendly. And as a design house, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with a website that sings.

Check out the range of web design packages

A host of other Services

With nearly a decade of knowledge of modern indie publishing, we can provide a range of additional services beyond cover and web design. 

Whether it’s an author audit, branding refresh, book formatting, audiobook narration, or you just want us to stand outside your house with a boombox blaring Peter Gabriel, we’re here to help.

Book Formatting

Whether you’re looking for a simple ebook, or a paperback with page formatting that makes your story stand out, we can help

General Design

Need a killer ad image? Or a batch of images to promote your book? Maybe you just want to tie your author brand together?

We can help you with services that will fit your needs.

Branding refresh

You’ve got a website, you’ve got cool covers, but you can’t make them all shine together? We can provide a full audit of your requirements and propose a package of design that will take your author career to the next level.

Author Audit

You know something’s off, but you’re not sure what.

Why not have us take a look and provide you with a full list of actionable improvements you can make that will up your author level?

And more besides…

Whatever element of your author business you feel needs a lick of paint, even if it’s not listed here, drop us a mail and if we can’t fix it ourselves, we’ll point you in the right direction of someone who can.

Check out our other services

With upfront pricing and a full portfolio of works, Hollow Stone Services is run by authors, for authors. We understand the specific requirements you need to bring your author game to the next level. Check out the full range and all our pricing by hitting the Services button in the menu.