Hollow Stone Press to launch new podcast arm with Bleakwood and All Creatives Now

Hollow Stone Press, the publisher set up by indie author Paul Stephenson and the publisher of his Blood on the Motorway trilogy and Sunset Chronicles digital serial, is pleased to announce the commission of two brand new podcasts, Bleakwood and All Creatives Now.

In Bleakwood, Hollow Stone Press’s new horror podcast, listeners will explore the dark corners of a small English town, as host Paul Stephenson delves into tales out of the ordinary from this seemingly ordinary town. From classic ghost stories to terrifying creature features, Bleakwood will leave listeners haunted for days to come. But each story is a hint, a fragment found in a world beyond the world’s end.

With stories by authors including Dan Howarth, Helen Lane, Sam Tindale, and many more, Bleakwood is the perfect podcast for all horror fans. Each episode brings a fresh new tale of terror from the mysterious town, while the narrator tries to put together the greatest puzzle ever – what do these stories have to do with the world’s end?

In All Creatives Now, a new Podcast, Youtube channel, and blog will focus on conversations about creativity and the creator economy. The All Creatives Now podcast will be hosted by authors Paul Stephenson and Kev Harrison, and will feature interviews with creatives from a range of disciplines, from designers to musicians, from stand-ups to illustrators, as well as guest contributors from the companies bringing a range of new tools to help creatives reach their potential. The website will also feature blog posts and video interviews with guest writers discussing a range of topics related to creativity and the creator economy, as well as resources for creatives of all levels. Both the podcast and website will focus on conversations about creativity and the creator economy, as well as highlighting best practices and case studies from creatives around the world.

Creator Paul Stephenson said of the planned foray into audio: “From my days working in student radio, craning my neck over pieces of tape and trying to splice together a jingle out of bits of an obscure Pearl Jam b-side, I’ve always loved working with audio. Seeing my work handled with such care and brilliance by the Hawk and Cleaver team for The Other Stories podcast rekindled that love, so I’m really excited to get back into audio storytelling. As for All Creatives Now, I’m somewhat obsessed with creativity, and following some long and rambling back and forth’s with Kev Harrison over a few months, we decided to take the plunge and take those conversations to an audience, and to try and make a one-stop shop for creatives to hang out.”

All Creatives Now presenter Kev Harrison says: “Podcasts have informed so many of my decisions and best practices over the last five years as a writer. With All Creatives Now, I hope to continue that journey, learning from our guests and sharing their message to as wide a creative audience as possible. I’m incredibly excited to see what nuggets of creative wisdom we can mine from such a wide variety of disciplines, and from there how we can apply some of those lessons to our own lives.”

Both podcasts will launch in the second quarter of 2022, and be available across all podcast networks, as well as on Youtube.

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